2 WEST WATER // Los Hamptons // EE.UU.


CORTIZO continues to develop new projects in America, a continent in which the brand is linked to high standing construction of great technical demand such as residential towers and luxury homes. Among the numerous works in progress is 2 West Water, a complex of three villas designed by Andre Kikoski Architect that will feature more than 80 windows from the COR Vision Plus and COR 70 Industrial series.

CORTIZO's technical department worked closely with the developer, the architect and the installer to study and solve the requirements of a project that, due to its exclusivity and location, required systems that combined excellent thermal performance with large glazed surfaces. The three villas demanded floor-to-ceiling solutions on their main façade, opting in this case for the COR Vision Plus system with integrated flooring, which allows transit between the interior and exterior without any type of obstacle. This minimalist CORTIZO premium sliding system allows sashes of up to 4 meters with a centre junction section of just 25 mm, thus ensuring the entry of light into the homes and guaranteeing spectacular views of Sag Harbor Bay. The motorised version was installed in order to facilitate the opening motion of the heavier and larger windows, this allows the handling of leaves of up to 700 kg. Regarding its benefits, the COR Vision Plus system offers excellent thermal (Uw from 0.9 w/m²K) and acoustic (RW=43 dB) performances with great results in AEV tests (Air permeability: Class 4; Water tightness: 9A; Wind resistance: C4). In addition, in this case, it has been tested for the American regulations to guarantee its correct operation in extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and hurricanes. On the other hand, the hinged openings were solved with the COR 70 Industrial system, a series that, due to its 35 mm tubular polyamides and its great glazing capacity of up to 55 mm, allows for a transmittance index of only 0.9 w/m²K and a noise reduction of 44 dB.

A high standing project in one of the most exclusive areas of the USA.

The three villas that make up the 2 West Water complex are located in a privileged enclave in the Hamptons, south of Long Island, one of the most luxurious areas of New York State, place of residence for the great American moguls and movie stars. The residences have a surface area of ​​600 m² and are valued at 25 million dollars; They have a private beach and marina and will be completed before next summer.