ALTOWER // Istambul // Turkey


CORTIZO, international reference in aluminum and PVC systems in architecture, continues incorporating new projects into its catalog of constructions all over the world. The Galician multinational, with sales in 60 countries, will be present in Altower, a luxury residential tower being built in one of the most exclusive areas of Istanbul. The 30 story building, whose construction will be completed next year, is designed by the prestigious architect Has Mimarlik and will include 330 residences (from 75 m² to 300 m²), a gym, pool, cinema, restaurant, lounge-bar, and a large garden area of 8000 m².

Altower is built on principles of sustainability, functionality, and design. Its envelope is planned to provide its visitors with an excellent thermic and acoustic comfort, supplied with solutions that allow large crystal surfaces, turning this building into a large light box.

This project’s enclosure system consists of, mainly, TP 52 façade. Altower will include 8350 m² of this curtain wall composed of aluminum mullions and transoms with a cross-section of 52 mm, which make up the supporting structure. In this façade, the glazing is fixed at its four sides by way of a continuous pressure profile screwed externally to a screw port incorporated in the mullions and transoms, the entire fixation system being covered by an external embellishing profile or cover, painting rectangular patterns on the building’s surface. The TP 52 Façade stands out for its excellent thermal and acoustic benefits, grounded on its sizeable thermal bridge and its glazing capacity of up to 64 mm, as well as its excellent results in AEV test benches.

Furthermore, elements such as flush mullions & transoms for 1st, 2nd & 3rd level, continuation parts, pipettes, tear strip gaskets, and the totally vulcanized corner guarantee an absolute watertightness, drainage, and water evacuation in the enclosing. The addition of the TP 52 Façade to this project allows the establishment of large glazed areas from floor to ceiling in the building’s 30 floors, allowing better light penetration in the building.

The envelope’s aperture is achieved through the incorporation in the curtain wall of 350 units of 4600 Lift & Slide HI and 65 units of the COR 70 Hidden Sash window. The 4600 Lift & Slide is presented as an ideal solution to close large spans, offering excellent thermal benefits (Uw from 0.9 W/ m²K), as well as acoustic benefits (Rw up to 43 dB) accompanied by a trim design of lined aesthetics in the sashes and beads. Moreover, the fitting system lifts the sash slightly when the handle is actuated, facilitating the opening and closure motion, and easing its glide on the rail, even in heavy or great scale sashes. This system is supplemented by the CORTIZO Juliet Balcony, positioned in the window exterior by hidden fixings, a solution that allows the sash to be fully opened in order to enjoy the panoramic views without the risk of plummeting into the void.

Following this line of large glazed surface, Altower also includes COR 70 Hidden Sash windows, a minimalist system with an external section of the frame of only 66 mm, behind which the sash hides, consequently achieving the total integration of the façade. Additionally, the combination of the thermal breaking depth of 35 mm and the insertion of the polyolefin foam into the frame and sash provides outstanding thermal benefits (Uw from 1 W/m²K) which are complemented by a great acoustic performance and its large glazing capacity of up to 44 mm.

El proyecto se completa con la instalación de 33 balconeras de la serie COR 70 Industrial y 11 unidades del Sistema Plegable, una solución que permite una apertura total del vano en áreas comunes como el restaurante, el lounge-bar, la piscina o el gimnasio.

The project is completed by the installation of 33 COR 70 Industrial balconies and 11 units of Bi-fold System, a solution that allows a total opening of the span in common areas such as the restaurant, lounge-bar, pool, or gym.

Every one of the profiles utilized in the façade and the woodwork will be given an anodized bronze finish, an electrolytic surface treatment that grants the aluminum better protection against corrosion and abrasion. CORTIZO’s involvement in Altower consolidates the Galician multinational as one of the benchmark brands in Turkey, where it has been present since 2015 with aluminum solutions for architecture oriented towards the residential and luxury hotel market in cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, or Bodrum bay.