ARCH INVISIBLE // The first invisible opening system in the market


This solution, designed for COR 70 HO and COR 80 HO hidden sash window systems, is based on the installation of an exclusive design handle on the tubular profile that is imperceptible in the front view of the window. In addition, by concealing the hinges, a totally clean aesthetic is achieved that could make us think that we are in front of a fixed light, when it is really a system with side hung or turn-and-tilt opening.

The ARCH INVISIBLE handle has dimensions of 27.5 mm (L) x 234 mm (H) and is characterised by an attractive minimalist design in accordance with the avant-garde trends of the moment; also standing out for its ergonomics, robustness and ease of use in opening and closing manoeuvres; all this reducing the number of pieces required in relation to traditional handles. In addition, it can be lacquered in any colour from the RAL chart, favouring the harmony of a solution in which everything is but is not seen.