JULIET BALCONY // Safety with hidden fixings


Complementary solution designed to be assembled in the exterior of the windows through hidden fixings, therefore allowing the safe opening of windows and doors. This balustrading system, available in the entire range of laquerings or anodisings, allows a maximum width of 1,800 mm and admits 8 glazing possibilities: double laminated glazing of 8 or 6 mm joined by up to 4 polyvinyl butyrals of 0.38 mm, the use of tempered glass is highly recommended.

As for its safety, the new Juliet Balcony resists a load of up to 1.6 kN/m, being suitable for zones A, B, C1, C2, C3, C4, D, F, G by the Spanish Construction Code (CTE) and areas A, B, C1, C2, C3, C4, D and E based on Eurocode 1. It has also attained an "EXCELLENT CLASS A" classification according to Spanish Standard UNE 85240:1990, after successfully passing the 4 additional voluntary tests based on the indications of Standards UNE 85237:1991 and UNE 85238:1991: Static horizontal test towards the exterior and towards the interior, dynamic test with mild object and dynamic test with hard object.


8-1,25-8        6-1,52-6

8-1,14-8        6-1,14-6

8-0,76-8        6-0,76-6

8-0,38-8        6-0,38-6

Classification according to Spanish Standard UNE 85240: Class A-Excellent

Reference test on railing made of extruded aluminium and glazing, fixed to edge slab with total dimensions
1,200mm (H) x 1,800 mm (L).

Tests class A
Tests according to UNE 85237, UNE 85238 and UNE 85240
Requirements established in CTE (DB SU-1 Y DB SE-AE) and in Eurocode 1 according to EN 1991-1-1 for categories of use up to 1,6 KN/m.
en Eurocódigo 1 según EN 1991-1-1 para categoría de uso hasta 1,6 KN/m.
1. Static horizontal test towards the exterior
2. Static horizontal test towards the interior.
3. Static vertical test
4. Dynamic test with mild object.
5. Ensayo dinámico con cuerpo duro.
6. Verifi cación del apartado 3.2 del DB SE-AE del CTE.
7. Ensayo de seguridad.