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COMPOSITE PANEL A2 // Incombustible


The CORTIZO COMPOSITE PANEL A2 is an ideal solution for cladding building façades, complying with the highest requirements of the current fire normative by virtue of its composition of noncombustible material and mineral internal nucleus. It has a classification A2-s1, d0 according to European Norm EN-13501-1.

Its fireproof character and the wide range of aesthetic possibilities it offers make it a highly recommended option for high-rise buildings as well as for places through which many people pass: airports, stations, shopping centres, hospitals, conference centres, sports complexes...

As well as in the entire CORTIZO COMPOSITE PANEL range, the A2 can also be distributed in plates of up to 2,000 mm wide; highlighting its excellent mechanical properties: high impact resistance, high rigidity and low weight. In order to cut and machine it, CORTIZO has its own pantographs located in its production and logistics centres.

CORTIZO's architecture and engineering department is available to provide the necessary technical support in order for the studios to make the most of this building solution and obtain the best result in each architectural project.


Aluminium thickness 0,5 mm

Panel thickness 4 mm

Core density 1.6 gr/cm³

Panel weight 7.5 Kg/m²

Size range
Width (L): 1,000/1,250/1,500/2,000 mm
Height (H): 2,000 - 6,000 mm