COR 80 HIDDEN SASH // High performance minimalist window


A 80 mm frame depth Euro-Groove aluminum hinged system with excellent thermal benefits without compromising its minimalist design.

The new CORTIZO window presents a transmission value Uw from just 0.8 W/m²K facilitated by a thermal break zone with 45 mm tubular polyamide strips as well as the incorporation of crosslinked polyolefin foams both in the glazing space and in the interior of the frame and sash. Its large glazing capacity of up to 50 mm, allows for the use of energy-efficient glazing and compositions with triple glazing and double cavities that give excellent thermal performance. This also improves acoustic insulation, achieving noise attenuation of up to 46 dB.

All these benefits are confirmed by the great results obtained in the AEV test benches: Class 4 in air permeability, Class E1500 in watertightness and Class C5 in wind resistance.

The excellent thermal and acoustic performance of the COR 80 Hidden Sash system makes this window the ideal solution to insulate the interior of buildings from the most severe weather conditions and the noisiest environments. All this, along with an attractive design based on the concealment of the sash behind the frame, thus maximizing the glazed surface and reducing the aluminum sight line to 66 mm.

The minimalist design of the COR 80 Hidden Sash series is completed with the possibility of embedding the ARCH INVISIBLE handle in the sash profile, imperceptible in the front view of the window. In addition, it also allows the concealment of the hinges, showing a totally clean aesthetic that gives it the effect of a fixed light, when in reality it is an opening system. Like the entire Cortizo range of Euro-Groove, it also presents the option of further improving your safety through Evo Security hardware.

The COR 80 Hidden Sash system is available both as a window and a balcony with maximum dimensions per sash of 1,300 mm wide and 2,400 high, a weight of up to 160 kilos per sash, and the possibility of side hung, turn & tilt and bottom hung openings.


Transmittance Uw ≥ 0.8 (W/m²K)

Acoustic insulation Up to 46 dB

Air permeability Class 4

Water tightness E1500

Wind resistance Class C5

Reference test AEV 1.23 x 1.48 m / 1 sash

Opening possibilities

Side hung

Tilt & turn

Bottom hung


Frame 80 mm

Sash 80 mm

Profile thickness

1.9 mm


Max. 51 mm, Min. 36 mm

Maximum dimensions/sash

Standard solution:
Width (W) = 1,300 mm
Height (H) = 2,400 mm

Hinges HD Side Hung:
Width (W) = 1,200 mm
Height (H) = 3,500 mm

Maximum weight/sash

160 kg

Consult maximum weight and dimensions according to typologies