EPD exclusive to CORTIZO systems


CORTIZO is the first company to achieve this certification under the

new standard UNE-EN 17213:2020, specific to windows and pedestrian doors.

CORTIZO has just attained the Environmental Product Declaration for its main window, door and curtain wall systems . The multinational, which had already participated in other sectoral EPDs of the Spanish Aluminum Association (AEA), is now the first European company in the sector to have achieved this exclusive certification for its systems under the new specific standard that came into force last July . Specifically, the Galician firm has achieved certification for the series COR 3500, COR 60, COR 70 Industrial, COR 70 Hidden Sash, COR 80 Industrial, COR 80 Hidden Sash, 4200 Sliding, 4900 Sliding HI, COR Vision, COR Vision Plus, Millennium Plus 70, Millennium Plus 80 and the façades TP 52, TPH 52, TPV 52 and SG 52.

The EPDs specific to windows and doors analyze the environmental impact of the enclosures used in construction throughout their life cycle. In this case, an analysis has been carried out that takes into account the extraction and transformation of raw materials, the processing of secondary materials through recycling, the transport to the manufacturer, all phases of the production process, the end of the products' useful life, and the impact prevented by their recycling.

CORTIZO has achieved excellent results in the evaluation carried out, being able to quantify the low environmental impact of the enclosures designed by its R&D team. In order to accomplish this, both the materials used for the manufacture of the components that make up its aluminum systems as well as the way in which they are produced. When obtaining this certification, aspects such as the high level of self-sufficiency of recycled aluminum billet through its own foundry plants, the integration of all phases of the production process in its facilities, the establishment of a proximity logistics network that minimizes CO2 emissions associated to transport or the selection of renewable energy providers that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

CORTIZO also introduces a Green Building consulting department that will advise
architecture studios on the contribution of its systems to obtaining certifications
such as Leed, Breeam or Verde

These exclusive EPDs for CORTIZO's window, door and façade systems provide significant added value to the Galician brand's product catalog, especially in relation to its application in architectural projects that aspire to obtain sustainable construction seals like Leed, Breeam or Verde. To do this, the multinational also introduces a Green Building consulting department that will advise architecture studios on the contribution of CORTIZO systems to obtaining these certifications . All these actions entail new steps in the company's sustainability strategy, a transversal plan that pivots on the axes of innovation, developing solutions with high thermal performance that contribute to reducing energy consumption in buildings, and recycling, with the CORTIZO RECYCLING network designed to produce secondary aluminum ingot from the surpluses and offcuts of profiles from its production and that of its customers, transformed into raw material in its foundries in Padrón and Mieres.