DUO TOWERS // Jean Nouvel // Paris


The CORTIZO firm is in charge of producing all the aluminum profiles with which the envelopes of these two Parisian skyscrapers are being built. Designed by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel, the Duo Towers rise in the Gare neighbourhood, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, on the banks of the Seine river. It comprises two buildings 180 and 122 meters high, and 39 and 27 floors respectively, which will accommodate the Natixis Bank headquarters, a 9 storey hotel, offices, restaurants, and commercial areas.

CORTIZO participates in this project through one of its clients, the Permasteelisa Group, which is in charge of executing the large glass façades that enclose both buildings. This Italian multinational is one of the most important facade contractors in the world, with a portfolio that includes skyscrapers and large-scale and unique projects in the main capitals of Europe, America, and Asia. Precisely because of the Duo Towers' uniqueness, CORTIZO was chosen by the Permasteelisa Group to respond to the special complexity of the aluminum profiles that make up the entire skeleton of the envelope of both skyscrapers. In total, 1,200 tons of aluminum are being produced at Padrón headquarters for a project that is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. "The profiles require a special extrusion, with very exhaustive quality controls due to their size, geometry and volume", affirms Daniel Lainz, head of CORTIZO's architecture division, who emphasizes the "permanent collaboration" between the technical departments of both companies in order to undertake "a project signed by one of the most important architects in the world and that will change the Paris skyline".

The Duo Towers are just one example of the great projects in which CORTIZO is participating, whose Engineering Department of major Developments was created a year ago to be able to offer bespoke solutions to this type of buildings, a commitment to custom enclosures for architecture from around the world that will be strengthen with the implementation of the future Cortizo Technological Campus in Padrón.