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CORTIZO was chosen to provide the enclosure systems for the new headquarters of Nova Trading, a landmark Polish company in the metallurgical sector in its country. The building envelope is the result of a collaboration between CORTIZO's Architecture and Engineering Department, the Punkt Architekci studio and the installer Bausan Aluminum, who proposed aluminium systems that would contribute to the greatest energy efficiency forthe project and in turn provide it with an avant-garde aesthetic, far from the modest designs that usually characterise industrial architecture.

Piotr Krajewski - Fotografia Architektury / Architectural Photography

The foundation of the enclosure is configured from the TP 52 and SG 52 façade systems, which provide great luminosity in the interior spaces, while ensuring high thermal insulation. Surrounding the curtain wall is a 600 m² double skin formed by CORTIZO solar protection louvres, an effective solution to control the sun ray's incidence on the internal temperature of the building, since radiation is absorbed and reflected by the louvres, favoring the energy efficiency of the property. At the same time, they function as a decorative element, providing a unique appearance to the façade.

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In this case, a system of custom aluminium louvres was developed with a trapezoidal section of 30 (50) x 300 mm, and lengths of 6470 mm and 2640 mm. For its protection and colouring, a sanded acier anodised finish with was applied, a subtle hint from the architect to the developers of the project, the leading company for steel solutions in Poland. Regarding their installation, the louvres were arranged vertically at variable angles, providing the fixed elements with the appearance of mobile ones. This double skin of aluminium profiles offers a dynamic perception, with a single colour that is displayed differently to the observer depending on the inclination degree of the louvres, creating a visual dialogue with the user. A tailored latching solution was also developed for their fixing, consisting of a 6 mm circular cap that covers the edge of the louvre and, in turn, facilitates fixing in a 0°, 20° or 40° position. These covers are mechanised, which allows the louvres to be installed at the forementioned angles, avoiding at the same time having to drill the base on site in order to fix them to the supporting steel beams, which have been lined with a black composite panel, simulating large horizontal louvres that run through the building.

Piotr Krajewski - Fotografia Architektury / Architectural Photography

The Nova Trading headquarters is one more example of CORTIZO's custom solutions that respond to the architect's creative freedom, expanding the multiple possibilities offered by the enclosure systems designed by its R&D department with ad hoc developments.


PROJECT:  Nova Trading Headquarters
LOCATION: Toruń (Poland)
CORTIZO SYSTEMS: Bespoke Solar Protection Louvres , TP 52 Façade, SG 52 Façade, Millennium Plus Door, Composite Panel
INSTALLER: Bausan Aluminium
PHOTOGRAPHY: Piotr Krajewski