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BI-FOLD SYSTEM // Isolates environments, unifies spaces


Bi-Fold system with thermal break and 73 mm frame depth. It is an ideal solution to close large gaps both in homes and in areas for commercial use, facilitating access to the rooms.

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of this series that allows multiple combinations of odd and even number of sashes, compositions of up to 14 sheets (folding a maximum of 7 on each side) and internal and external opening. It sustains a weight of up to 120 kg per sash and maximum dimensions of 1,200 x 3,000 mm, thus being able to cover gaps almost 17 meters wide.

The CORTIZO Bi-Fold System has a reduced sight line and its rollers and wheels are hidden, thus showing a clean aesthetic in closed position. In addition, it offers the possibility of inserting the bottom frame, thus facilitating accessibility.

This system has a maximum glazing capacity of 45 mm, which gives it excellent thermal and acoustic benefits. All these characteristics are affirned by the excellent results obtained in the AEV test benches: Class 4 (air permeability); Class 9A (watertightness) and Class A3 (wind resistance). In addition, it has attained the PAS 24:2012 security certificate based on the demanding British regulations.


Transmittance Uw ≥ 1.1 (W/m²K)

Air permeability Class 4

Water tightness Class 9A

Wind resistance Class A3

Security Test Pass 24 - APT

Wind resistance: Reference test 2,700 x 2,530 mm. 3 sashes
Security Test: Set-up 330. 2701 x 2517 mm. 3 sashes

Opening possibilities

1 to 14 sashes

Possibility of open corner at 90º without mullion

Frame 73 mm
Sash 73 mm
Polyamide strip length
Frame 20 mm
Sash 30 mm
Profile thickness
Window 1,8 mm
Max. 45 mm, Min. 25 mm
Maximum dimensions/sash
Width (W) = 1200 mm
Height (H) = 3000 mm
Maximum weight/sash
120 kg
Consult maximum weight and dimensions according to typologies