MINIMALIST SOLUTIONS // In order to ensure aesthetic harmony


CORTIZO expands its range of accessories with a latch embedded in the interlocking profile for COR VISION PLUS sliding system and a hidden drainage system for COR 70 Industrial, COR 70 Hidden Sash and COR 70 Hidden Sash C16 ST series.

CORTIZO opts for enclosure systems which combine high thermal and acoustic performance with avant-garde designs, aspects that lead the demands of the market and its innovation strategy. For this reason, the R&D department of the Spanish multinational company continues to develop new accessories for the most popular series with the aim of improving their manufacture, installation and handling, but without altering the aesthetic harmony of the ensemble.

Following this line, the company established in Padrón has just launched a hidden handle to the market for manual opening of the COR Vision Plus system. The new solution integrates the closure in the centre juction, making it imperceptible from the front view and allowing the lateral fixture of the inner sash to be completely hidden, like in the motorized version. It is a hidden latch that can be lacquered in any color, thus providing greater uniformity to the set. This solution reinforces the minimalist line of this premium sliding system, which has also incorporated in the last year the option to fully embed the lower frame profile and integrating it in the floor finish (pavement, pallet, ceramic...), thus achieving an undisturbed transition between the interior and exterior of the house.

On the other hand, CORTIZO has also expanded its range of accessories for hinged windows, developing a new hidden drainage system for the COR 70 Industrial, COR 70 Hidden Sash and COR 70 Hidden Sash C16 ST series. This solution is based on the incorporation of a new gasket at the bottom of the frame to evacuate the water, replacing the usual drain covers placed on the front. Thus achieving a totally clean exterior aesthetic, without any type of accessory in the frame, at the same time the installation of the window is facilitated, allowing the base of the frame to be placed on the site itself. These hinged systems also feature fitting and accessory options that minimize visual impact from the inside of the window. Among them, the new 180 ° hidden hinges stand out, which make it possible to open the sashes completely, or the new handles: Arch Invisible, imperceptible in the front view and designed for the Euro-Groove COR 70 Hidden Sash series and the Minimalist Handle, valid for all hinged series and based on a careful design dispensed with the escutcheon to enhance the avant-garde aesthetics of these carpentries.