COR 80 PASSIVHAUS // Passivhaus in Aluminium


This new aluminium hinged system is certified by the Passivhaus Institute for the
warm-temperate category, offering a transmission value (Uw) from just 0.66 W/m²K

CORTIZO presents the COR 80 Industrial Passivhaus window, a Euro-Groove aluminium hinged system with 80mm of frame depth, certified by the prestigious Passivhaus Institute for the warm-temperate category.

This solution offers exceptional thermal insulation with a transmission value (Uw) from only 0.66 W/m²K, thanks to its 45 mm thermal break strip and the insertion of special foams in the frame and sash, making it an ideal solution for buildings with low energy consumption in the vast majority of the European territory.

The CORTIZO COR 80 Industrial Passivhaus system has a maximum glazing capacity of 65 mm, allowing triple glazing with double cavities, thus reinforcing its thermal and acoustic performance, and reducing external noise input up to 46 dB. This translates into greater energy savings and comfort inside the home. The excellent properties of this new series are affirmed by the great results obtained in the test benches: Class 4 (air permeability), Class E1950 (watertightness) and Class C5 (wind resistance).

This system has maximum dimensions per sash of 1,600 mm (W) x 2,600 mm (H) and a weight of up to 160 kg, with four opening possibilities: side hung, turn-and-tilt, tilt-and-slide or bottom hung.

In addition, thanks to the simplicity of its assembly, it allows for a more industrialized fabrication resulting in a final saving of time and cost.

With this system, CORTIZO rounds out its catalog of passivhaus solutions, one of the largest on the market, with four certified windows.


Transmittance Uw ≥ 0.66 (W/m²K)

Acoustic insulation Up to 46 dB

Air permeability Class 4

Water tightness E1950

Wind resistance Class C5

Reference test AEV 1.23 x 1.48 m, 2 sashes

Opening possibilities

Side hung

Tilt & turn


Bottom hung


Frame 80 mm

Sash 88 mm

Profile thickness

1.6 mm

Polyamide strip length

45 mm


Max. 65 mm, Min. 25 mm

Maximum dimensions/sash

Width (W) = 1,500 mm

Height (H) = 2,600 mm

Maximum weight/sash

160 kg

Consult maximum weight and dimensions according to typologies